About Us

We believe in Reema international school that education should be based on the latest standards in Education with a focus on our Islamic and Arabic cultures. We believe in comprehensive integration of the various aspects of students development which should be achieved through clear vision & mission, effective instruction , sound assessment , experienced management and full integration between home and school.

We are working ahead to be the leading school in Saudi Arabia in preparing a leading and innovative generation who is able to excel in life , achieve championships and coup up with the future challenges.

We are seeking steadily to offer our students the best quality educational practices and provide them with life skills , the supreme human values and leadership skills which help students to excel and achieve leadership in their future career.

• Achieving the whole students development through a rich American program that enhances knowledge, skills and attitudes.

• Promoting our Islamic and supreme human values through various extra-curricular activities.

• Promoting excellence, innovation . self-learning strategies and study habits.

• Promoting students’ talents and leadership skills through full day activities and challenging programs.

• Offering a variety of sport activities and training students to achieve championship in these individual or group activities.

• Promoting discipline, teamwork skills, cooperation ,respecting & accepting others ,and lifelong study habits.

• Training and qualifying parents with the best strategies and experiences through a rich parent education program